Jul 31, 2023

Social Media

You can find it on LinkedIn, Twitter, GitHub, YouTube, BlueSky and some other accounts I’m sure I’ve registered and forgotten.

You can find me in various slack channels such as “HangOps”, “SRECon” and I’m sure some others.

Just reach out! I’m friendly.


I’ve either been to or plan on attending a series of community events, conferences or other material. If you’re also going, please get in touch!



October 10th — 12th

I’m attending this conference. Are you also planning on joining? Reach out! Let’s catch up for a coffee.

Learn more about the conference via their website.


May 14th

In this conference, I discussed how SLOs at Zalando evolved from the initial implementation to the challenge of ensuring SLOs have organizational power, to the current design of “Critical Business Operations” and SLOs on these operations.

You can see more on the SLOConf YouTube page.



October 26th · With Salomé Santos

In this conference, we spoke about how Zalando’s approach to SRE evolved, and how our approach to SRE is based around how people think about and prioritize reliability work.

You can see more on the SRECon website.