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Who are you?

I work on helping people write and operate high-traffic microservice architectures more easily.

I am a professional software person with experience writing and operating eCommerce software systems since ~2014. Most recently, I worked as an engineering manager for Zalando, leading an embedded site reliability engineering team. Historically, I led their CyberWeek operational readiness workstream 2x, worked as an incident commander for 3+ years and worked as a staff and Site Reliability Engineer on all manner of critical projects.

Before that, I maintained Kubernetes clusters with 20,000 services at shared hosting providers, designed bespoke compute infrastructure for SMEs in Germany & Australia and designed observability stacks, CI/CD infrastructure on top of Kubernetes, Ansible, Saltstack, Terraform and assorted infrastructure as code tooling.

See LinkedIn for further details.

How do I get in touch?

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You can find it on LinkedIn, Twitter, GitHub, YouTube, BlueSky and some other accounts I’m sure I’ve registered and forgotten.

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